Marie Houlden - Let's chat!

I’m thrilled that you feel ready to work on yourself and I know how important it is, to then choose the right person to walk this journey with you. You need to feel heard, supported and safe.. trust is essential!

It’s why I wanted to offer these 20 minute chats.. it’s your chance to see if my energy is right for you. There is no pressure at all to make a decision there and then… that’s just not the way I do things! If I’m right for you, you’ll know!


  1. These sessions will last 20 minutes
  2. When picking your time slot, please ensure you have selected the right time zone for you - these are all based on BST/GMT as I am based in the UK. The calendar uses the 24 hour clock, so if it displays with 02.00, it means 2am your time!